We have all, no doubt, heard about Amazon’s Alexa Echo and Alexa Echo Dot etc. whereby users can simply ask the device something and it brings them the answer in that ‘Alexa’ voice that sounds so kind and trustworthy.

Well, very soon YOU will be able to feature your business by using one of it’s most promising features that 100 million people have access to.

Amazon Skills.

Before now, to get your own App onto Amazon’s Alexa platform, you needed to know coding inside out and work on complex set up and configuration procedures and where only people like the BBC and large horse racing accountants knew how to work everything.

I say ‘Before now’ because, due to the very clever coding of the world’s top marketing engineers, it’s now possible for anyone in business to have their own App and where it can be made available to anyone, using just their voice.

It is ideal for local businesses, too.

All a business needs to do is promote their App, which Marketing Bugle can do for you using their software.  Subscribers install your App onto their Amazon Alexa devices and then, asking Alexa to ‘Play Martyn Brown’s Updates’, for example, and on comes my marketing tips, Podcast, news … anything I create, in fact.

No matter which type of business you are running, there’s a place in Amazon’s Alexa platform for you.  You can target anywhere in the world, even Local to your own area.

Exercise tips, latest odds, how-to’s’ money advice, health updates, keeping fit, recipe guide, how to make money online 😊, puzzles, jokes, your latest Podcast, audio extracted from your latest video, business tips in specialist markets, news bulletins … yes, ANYTHING!  Give out your website signup page link and build your email list to your heart’s content.

Imagine having your own account to add your content to and schedule it to go out hourly, daily or weekly to keep your audience satisfied while you automatically create new business leads and clients.

Stand by for Bugle-Lexa 😊

Bugle-Lexa, Reach an untapped audience