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Pubs and restaurants are having a makeover on their websites to feature online ordering for takeaway services and can even integrate with coupons and loyalty schemes.

Live streaming can now be pumped out from your website via Facebook, your presentations stored and even formed into viewable pay-as-your-clients-go so you can finally earn money from your efforts.  It’s working now and it’s on the way for all Marketing Bugle clients.

There’s more.  We introduce schema technology to ALL Premium websites which means you’ll rank higher on search engines and generally improve every aspect of traffic to your website (See Call-Out below for more info).  Nobody else offers this for free but we feel that it’s something that existing Marketing Bugle clients deserve right now, more than ever.

Promo Videos Created by Marketing Bugle

Last year I introduced a new form-builder software for a number of websites but have since found a far better solution and every website will benefit from it at no extra charge.  I’m not talking just contact forms but totally interactive, digital signature, Surveys, PDF attachments, multi-page forms, Polls, password protection, conditional logic and much more.  I simply can’t wait for this add-on.

What about content for your website and Social Media?  We have you covered after testing a number of potential solutions we finally found something that can not only finds super-quality content but builds it into a unique collection for your business and then can schedule and post to your online accounts, even websites.

Online courses haven’t been forgotten either.  We already have several types of platform that builds specific sites for this very purpose but, not wanting to leave anything out for potential customers, we have added two new systems that are easy to use and yet very powerful in making your online services a total success.

On the way, as well, is an Amazon Kindle publishing program to get your books out there and people reading them.  I’m currently training on the system and it is very exciting.

Marketing Bugle are your Business email Marketing Specialists
Website Building and Hosting fron Marketing Bugle

No matter what we’re going through right now, it WILL come to an end and some kind of normality will resume.  It’ll be different and our collective futures will no doubt be somewhat different that we once imagined, just a few short months ago.

Marketing Bugle clients will see a huge change, one of improvement beyond belief, as the promises I made back in mid-2019 come to fruition.  They are all ready and set up but, of course, pandemic in place, I am unable to launch just yet.

We have software, marketing tools, funnels and lead generation systems that have been built from the ground up especially for the Marketing Bugle following.

The cloud-based software includes page builders like you’ve never seen before using the latest technology, an email marketing system that leaves all other standing (think ActiveCampaign on steroids), Loyalty programme that is in use right now but with added functionality to make marketing with us here at Bugle headquarters, fun, fulfilling and staggeringly effective.

Our radio programmes have reached the dizzy heights of over 92 radio stations around the world of repeatedly playing us out and where YOUR business can be featured on them 😊

Customer-Getting Websites from Marketing Bugle

Bugle-Groove is going to launch and includes the aforementioned page builder, a selling platform (this is an incredible online system like no other), an Affiliate platform to earn from several income streams at once, a membership building platform that outperforms all the top premium solutions available (can’t wait to show you this),

... a video editing and enhancing service like we’ve never had before, the email marketing programme, a funnel builder, an eCommerce solution, a market place to find anything you need all in one place, an App store, plus a webinar and events creator to name just a few of the NEW items we’re bringing you once we get back to normal in business in just a few months’ time.

Much of this was invested in way back in 2019 but needed to be built, tested and proven before official release to Marketing Bugle clients.

I can also turn your website into a totally useable App ready for your clients to keep in touch with you and even use your services without an Internet connection.  Exciting times ahead.  I’m aiming to turn 2020 from being the worst year of my life into the very BEST.  Stand by 😊

Our Chat technology will be rolled out fully with several websites already benefiting from the system.  I say ‘Chat’ but it does a whole lot more than just act as a Communication channel, again, I can’t wait to show you.

Lead Generation by Marketing Bugle

Now, you may be thinking, ‘Aren’t you being the jack of all trades and master on none?’ … No, these are ALL stand alone systems that would cost any business hundreds of pounds a month each to run but where I’ve licenced or even had specially built, software that I can pass on to my clients that will help them in running their business online.

You’ll be using the BEST available in the world but at a totally affordable rate.  We need results, not gimmicks that might work or might not.

Currently we’re running our usual services like website building/hosting and running Facebook Ads (particularly low-cost at this unprecedented virus breakout time) and working to keep business clients moving when their offline services may be suffering.  Video editing (including adding subtitles 😊) is very popular with us.

Content Creation for Social Media and Websites

That’s a large update and, if you’ve read this far, congratulations that was a lot to take in but, as a Marketing Bugle client, it’s YOU who will benefit from it all.

Keep in touch,

Martyn Brown


  • 23% more clicks
  • 32% more impressions
  • 26% higher Click Through Ratio
  • 164% more time spent on rich content pages
  • 4.2% more interaction with your content
  • 7 positions higher search ranking
  • Optimization for Voice Search

As you can see from the above list of benefits, adding structured data schema to your web site not only improves your ranking but increases clicks, engagement and your site authority.

Schema ( is a structured data vocabulary that defines entities, actions, and relationships on the Internet (web pages, emails, etc).

This semantic vocabulary makes it easy for search engines to understand the meanings behind subject matter (entities) on the web, and in turn, serve a better user experience for Internet users.

As Google continues to build a more semantic web, these markups become increasingly valuable in effective Internet communication.

As a result of adding schema tags to your website, Google can, and may supplement your website’s search results with additional info in the form of Rich Snippets, which are proven to help click-through rate in organic search results.

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