New exciting, effective and affordable video promos for your online business campaigns are on the way.

Marketing Bugle have secured a licence to use highly specialist online cloud services to create promotional, training and informational videos for businesses.

We have been testing the software rigorously over the past few weeks and where the results have been very impressive.  We are finding that the video creation system is being used more and more by us as time goes by because the analytics from each video show a huge improvement over ordinary promo videos.

Animated text, in stream characters, logo stingers, into and outro, video in video, green screen and more are all available in the new package.

You can even have the computer generate the voice for you.  We never used to like this method as the voices generated sounded like robots but, using the latest technology, they voices are now very useable, and fun, too.

Visit the Marketing Bugle Facebook pages for samples.

Different Types of Promo Video for Local Business Can Be Created Quickly

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