Originally, it was just for fun, something different to post but, wow, what a huge difference it made to the number of people reached, viewed, Liked and commented on, amazing to say the least.

I’m talking about the TXT posts, those short videos that look like you’re reading from a mobile phone and looking in on somebody else’s conversation.  They really DO attract attention better than ordinary posts, that’s for sure.

Reach your Audience with TXT Video
Reach your Audience with TXT Video

Boost Your Profits By Turning Your Normal Videos Into Super-Charged Engagement Tools And Conversion Magnets.

Create Highly Engaging And Fully Customizable TXT Videos … And Add Images, GIFs, Personalisation, Custom Backgrounds, and Call-To-Action Buttons Right Inside The Video To Skyrocket Leads, Retention, And Conversion Rates!

Create Highly Engaging And Powerful TXT Videos (With Images and GIFs).

Add Personalisation... This is a complete game changer and will increase engagement on every video.

Add Custom Backgrounds to enhance the overall look and feel of every TXT Video.

Add Motion Backgrounds to appeal to the creative minds of your customers.

Add Full Screen Call To Actions to take your customers click and go to your website, blog, sales page, social profile & more...

Add Call To Action Buttons to spark interest in your products and services; Once again having the customer click and go where you want to take them.

Benefits of TXT Video

Customised TXT Conversations
Customise by changing the text, the display pictures of the persons supposedly chatting, their names, the battery life signs, the time, etc..
Add Personalization
Cater each video to the person watching it with our personalization engine. When the video plays it shows their name and/or image.
Insert Call-to-Action Buttons
Plant your (clickable) Call-To-Action buttons right inside the flow of the video and connect with your audience to skyrocket conversions and sales.
1-Click Cloud Sharing
With just 1-Click you can share your videos on Facebook, Linkedln, Email, Your Website and drive ALL the traffic straight to your offers.

Add Images and GIFs
Upload your favorite image and GIF to each of your TXTVideo Direct Projects to make it stand out even more.
Insert Custom Backgrounds
Take your TXTVideo project to a whole other level by adding a customer background for any niche.
Multilingual Chats Supported.
Create your videos in any language you want to target specific regions and audience.

Using TXT Video will improve your conversions online