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Getting Your Business Out To The Masses

You probably already know how rewarding advertising your business on radio can be.

Some reports say that a business can increase its profits by up to 40% with an advertising campaign on a popular radio station.

With this in mind, I decided to try 'mentioning' businesses on my regular 'Vinyl Impressions' music show that I originally pre-recorded for the UKs hospital radio network.

I mentioned the business who were supporting the show rather than blatant advertising simply because most stations do not take advertising 'built-in' to radio shows but do, however, allow quick mentions (up to four times in each one hour programme).

To this end, I say something along the lines of, "This show is supported by Marketing Bugle, for all your website building needs … visit for full details".

I would mention this four times in any hour.

The idea works better than blatant 'in your face' Ads anyway as listeners take more notice of

Vinyl Impressions Music Show

How Does It Work?

By making a donation, your business can be featured on any of The Vinyl Impressions shows.  You can even choose some pop music that you would like played on your supported show.

Your show is then shared amongst the 214 hospital radio stations that choose to take it for their schedules along with other licenced online radio stations.

The show is scheduled (often 7 days a week) and put on repeat play throughout the day on a number of stations in the UK.

You can support as many shows as you choose.  The more you support, the more your business message is mentioned to all the people who tune in.

The Vinyl Impressions programmes feature a radio presenter, jingles, pop music and are generic so that they become playable at any time of day at any time of year.  This works very well for repeat playing.

I do produce specialist shows for times like Christmas or for any niche that is requested by any station.  However, there are very popular formats that I keep producing that get the best reactions from listeners every month.

6 brand new shows are recorded every month and these stay in use for as long as the radio stations play them out.

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Simply enter your name, email and station name into the form on this page.

Then click the confirmation link in the email that you receive.

That’s it.  All licenced stations receive 6 new radio shows per month.

The shows are one hour in length.

They are generic and can be used at any time of day or time of year.

They normally give the supporting business up to 4 ‘mentions’ per hour show.

The music is generally pop hits with the occasional special niche.

You can contact me at any time or unsubscribe at any time.

Join today, you’ll find the shows are cheerful, lively and fill the schedule nicely as you’ll have access to over 200 shows in the back catalogue.

Martyn Brown, presenter

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