Promotional Videos With a Difference That MAKES A Difference

Marketing Call To Actions (CTAs)

Market efficiently with live interactive CTA buttons,
email opt-in forms and even live countdown timers.

Business Benefit:

Call To Action (CTA) buttons on videos can be programmed to link to any destination you please and where they actually feature IN the video, not just an overlay.

You can also collect the email address of the viewer, again, live inside the video itself, at any point. This means you can build your list of potential customers for your email marketing purposes. When they are ready to buy, they buy from YOU.

Having live countdown timers creates urgency so speeds up and increases responses to your promotion.

Market Globally No Limits

The world is your oyster! Market globally, no longer
is language a barrier with BugleVids translate feature.

Business Benefit:

Why limit your video to one country’s language? Go global with all the text in your video converting to the native language that the viewer is viewing from.

This means more positive responses to your Calls to Action which leads to more sales, worldwide.

Live Editing & Publishing

Make adjustments & edit your videos in real time! Click save and the updates show live on your video.

Business Benefit:

No matter where your video is being shown, it can be edited at source, then every occurrence of it will update dynamically as soon as the edits are saved. No more wasted time and effort updating your promotions manually at each location.

Your video need never be ‘out of date’ as you can change it whenever you please.

Email Lists Income

The money is in the list, the truest statement in online marketing. With Bugle-Vids you can build money lists fast.

Business Benefit:

Unless you have potential customers joining your email marketing list helping it grow, then it’s both difficult and expensive to keep your business running each month. Bugle-Vids build your list automatically, just configure them to do so.

Affiliate Commissions

Create affiliate marketing campaign videos simply referring people to great products & you make commissions.

Business Benefit:

You don’t need your own product to have your business profiting. You can be affiliated to other business’s products and services that compliment yours. Create videos using Bugle-Vids to send potential customers to products that you get paid commissions on.

Interactive & Live Videos

With Bugle-Vids your videos come alive with live interactive elements. You can also hyper link to affiliate offers & any website.

Business Benefit:

There is no end to what you can achieve when you use Bugle-Vids. Because they act like a live webpage, you can get really creative and bring in more new customers than ever before.

Funnel Upsell Videos

Generate up to 50% extra profits per sale by easily creating up-sell marketing videos that sell.

Business Benefit:

Online selling need not be just one product at a time. Create extra interest in your sales funnel by using Bugle-Vids to upsell to other products or services. This mean more profit for your business, every time.

Bugle-Vids Eliminates The “ Language Barrier”

So You Can Capture Attention And Collect Profit In Any Market

Customizable LIVE Calls To Action

Easily add buy buttons, email signup forms, limited-time countdown timers and more; all with the CTA you select. Instead of having the CTAs as an overlay, all our CTAs are actually part of the video, making it more dynamic and interactive or your viewers.

Voiceover Recording & Audio Editing

Your video needn’t be silent, we can add music or voiceovers and edit them at any time.

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