Benefits of using article to PDF plugin
Benefits of using article to PDF plugin

Offer your readers this option and they’ll join your email updates, too.

Have you ever reached a webpage with what looks like a really good article but you simply haven’t got time to read it then and there?

How about clicking a button in order to have a PDF version of the article or feature emailed directly to your in order to read it later or, indeed, keep a copy for reference on your computer.

This is possible by using a special WordPress plugin and where the generated PDF can contains links back to your website or to videos hosted elsewhere.

The value behind the, ‘Read Later – Download This Post As PDF’ button lays in the fact that, to generate the PDF and have it sent to your visitor’s email inbox is that they must opt-in to your email list first.  This is a great way of building your potential customer list.

Obviously, it works better for longer articles but, oftentimes, it's the valuable information that creates the need for a PDF version.

If you have a WordPress website, this can be added to your posts and pages.  Get in touch with Marketing Bugle for details.

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