New For 2021 Video Hosting Service

Video SEO

• Customize CTAs & Overlays To Skyrocket Conversions
• Add Optin Overlays To Capture Leads Right Inside The Videos
• Built-In SEO Optimization To Generate FREE Traffic
• Select from Premium Website Templates
• Autoresponder Integrations So Clients Can Subscribe Directly
• Automatic Redirect To Any URL For MORE Sales & Profits
• Ad Pixel & Tracking To Monitor Video Performance
• Much More

Many people who use video marketing choose to host their videos on Wistia, Vimeo or some other high ticket platform that offers limited resources to help you monetise those videos.

The free video hosting options like Youtube tend to shows dozens of other businesses advertisements all over your video and so the viewer’s attention is immediately taken away.

Video Graphics
Video Lead Magnets

The answer is to use the Marketing Bugle video hosting service whereby we can add Call to Action (CTA), forms, signup gates and other useful add-ons without anyone else’s ads showing up.

This improves your click-through rates exponentially and, therefore, you achieve your goals quicker and where this results in better quality leads.

Plus, a section of your video can be played back in any email system and where the recipient can click your video to watch the full version at any destination.  This is powerful for getting the best interaction from your email marketing program.

You get unlimited bandwidth, too so, not truncating of your visitor traffic when you get busy and no buffering, either.  Everything is run from the cloud and so runs at full speed, every time.

We can even create the video landing page for you with your logo and branding.

Video Hosting with Marketing Bugle

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