Introducing Customer Loyalty Like You’ve
Never Experienced Before!

We at Marketing Bugle have been performing online promotions since the late 1990s and would now like to introduce local pubs and restaurants to our exciting NEW Customer Loyalty programme that not only brings in new customers, but keeps them coming back again and again.

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Marketing Bugle's 'Customer Loyalty' Programme - Getting YOUR Pub/Restaurant More Customers
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Marketing Bugle's 'Customer Loyalty' Programme - Getting YOUR Pub/Restaurant More Customers

+ Forget complicated card schemes that have your cashiers scratching their heads wondering which box should be stamped while trying to explain how it all works … our programme does all the work for you, automatically.

+ Because our Customer Loyalty programme works online, all we require is the first name and email address of the participant. Once subscribed, any points, rewards or communications are sent out on auto-pilot.

Email is The Secret key. . .

Vouchers, special offers, event tickets, prize notifications etc. are all sent directly to your potential customer and where, the more they Share your offer, event or service, the more entries they gain in your Prize Draw or Challenge.

They can visit your premises to redeem their vouchers, tickets or whatever prize you have arranged.

As they are on your email mailing list, it’s easy to keep in touch to remind them of your next event or about any services that your business offers.

We present ongoing email campaigns in a way that isn’t blatant advertising but, rather offer useful and beneficial information for your customer but with a ‘Call to Action’ that is powerful enough to keep them clicking on your programme and, therefore,
coming in to your business over and over again.

Book today for a free 30 minute chat about how this can work for your business, then please get in touch right away … there are extra bonuses during the launch period.

BONUSES: When You Book Before Nov 30th 2019

Complete email marketing system at no extra cost (usually set up fee plus monthly plan).


eBook or promo document as a ‘Give-A-Way’ online to attract clicks.


Promotional video to play-out on Social Media/Web Pages etc. to get the most from your ongoing campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) So how do you make my Pub Restaurant busier?
A) By adding people to your email marketing list, it builds into hundreds of subscribers over time. In future, one email to all subscribers about an event, special offer or any other service means that you are reaching only people who have already qualified to you that they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer (if they were not so, why did they sign up to be on your list?). So response rates to such emails is very high. Take ups for your event are instant and you get busier as your email list grows.
Q) Will I be everlastingly paying out for prizes?
A) Although you should never be worried about putting up valuable prizes, the Customer Loyalty programme is designed to build your email list as quickly as possible and, once built, a simple email sent out to them all (we do this for you) will bring you in profits. Prizes can include vouchers (everyone’s favourite), digital downloads or, indeed, tangible gifts that they can collect from you and take a way, anything that works best for you. The better the prize the more repeat customers you’ll be getting.
Q) How do I know that your Customer Loyalty programme will work for my business?
A) It’s already working for others. Each client we have also has a related email list and where they eventually only ever need to promote to that list in order to get sales. However, by keeping on adding to the list will guarantee you more potential clients. If something doesn’t work for your business, we simply change the part that isn’t working to something that does work. We monitor your list 24/7 to ensure it’s running in top gear and bringing you in new customers, regularly.
Q) Who owns the data on the email lists?
A) You do and a copy can be downloaded for you at any time. Although we create the email marketing system for you, the data belongs to your business.
Q) What reward do I need to give?
A) The reward must be related to the product you’re selling. That way, you know you’re offering rewards to qualified prospects, who in turn will refer their friends.
PLUS, the reward must be something your visitors really WANT. That will increase the number of people who take you up on this exciting offer.
Q) Who decides what to offer and when?
A) As always, you get to decide all the details to make your campaign a success, including:
1. What sort of reward to offer.
2. How many referrals people must send before you unlock the reward.
3. How many reward “levels” to offer. (Meaning the more referrals someone sends, the more rewards they unlock.)

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Marketing Bugle's 'Customer Loyalty' Programme - Getting YOUR Pub/Restaurant More Customers
Marketing Bugle's 'Customer Loyalty' Programme - Getting YOUR Pub/Restaurant More Customers