Lookalike Audiences
Lookalike Audiences

Those business owners who are using Facebook to gain more clients by using Facebook Pay Per Click Ads or similar, may be finding it very difficult to create a target audience that works well for them.

Basically, they set up a target audience by selecting;

 Male/Female or both. 

An age Range.







The list goes on.

However, there is a better way and where you don’t need to fret over all of the above or, any of it, to be precise.

The new more recent additional feature added to Facebook makes it unnecessary to go through all this when you create your targeted Facebook Ad.

Imagine if you could select from only those who you KNOW are already very interested in your product or service without having to try and discover who they are in the first place.

Facebook allows you take a person or people who have either made a purchase from you already, viewed your content, viewed a video, Liked your Facebook Page and so on and then create a thing they’ve named a ‘Lookalike audience’.

Facebook takes the demographics from them and finds others that have the same criteria.  This means that you get more hot leads as potential clients than you would if you manually ‘guessed’ what you were looking for.

This is MUCH more accurate as the data that Facebook has about your target audience is very thorough and more complete than you, as a business owner, will ever know.

Let Marketing Bugle run your next Facebook Ad campaign(s) and we’ll show you how it works.

There are several ways to simplify creating Facebook Ads while making them work better for your business and Marketing Bugle know them all.