If there is one thing that has kept mine and my client’s businesses going strongly, it has to be creating email mailing lists in order to keep in touch with opt-in subscribers.

This works well because, if someone gives you their name and email address, then they must be interested in what you have to offer, product or service wise.

Selling to your list of subscribers is easier, faster and cheaper than any other way online.

Now, for the first time, Marketing Bugle are offering the perfect solution … an email marketing system that has no monthly fees.

Looking around at the email systems available, the average cost of running one is an annual fee of around £250.00 plus an extra monthly fee which varies in size depending on the amount of subscribers you collect.

Our solution is a one-time fee of $97.00 available world-wide (approx. £63.75) and no other payments.  It is simpler than some of the complex systems that you can find, however, in my experience few people use many of the bells and whistles in this case so, having one system with all you need to make your email marketing system get great results for you, is the ideal scenario.

Visit this page to grab your account, scroll down the page and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.


Marketing Bugle can help you set up your new email ‘Autoresponder’ so that you can get started right away.

+ Get an overnight increase in email delivery, opens, clicks & profits

+ Say goodbye to monthly email service fees forever

+ Includes special GDPR-ready form builder to comply with May 2018 email law changes!

+ Enjoy the power of email automation with UNLIMITED subscribers, emails, and follow up sequences