Deal Zapper from Marketing Bugle is now ready to pilot for those business people who like to get involved in the cutting edge of local marketing.

Our sample page is here 

You can either run your deal(s) from the Marketing Bugle servers and have traffic sent to it from Social Media or, indeed, run your own platform whereby you can take orders from your clients and set up their deals for them.

Example Deal Zapper Page

Features include;
Sales & Conversions made simple

Deal Zapper lets you run special offers that customers will love with total ease. Automated, simple, fast.

No Coding Necessary

We’ve designed Deal Zapper to run straight out of the digital box for even the greenest of newbies and non techies including yourself.

Be up and running with your first campaign in minutes.

Your Pages Made Your Way

Build a custom deal page with your very own style and personality.

Add any content, images, video, etc. that you want and make your pages standout.

Total Control At Your Fingertips

Deal Zapper lets you choose to embed your pages on your own site or use your very own custom Deal Zapper unique URL.

Whatever you decide, Deal Zapper can accommodate how you want to host your custom deal pages without any hassle. You get maximum flexibility.

Unique Custom Short URL's

No longer will you have to deal with ugly links that throw off potential customers and are hard to remember.

Our unique software will give you the option of a great memorable URL for every campaign you create

3 Simple Steps for Deal Zapper creations

Affordable To Run continuous campaigns

The normal price for Deal Zapper is set at £197.00 per month but Just £97.00 per month for the launch period and will allow you to run up to 20 simultaneous campaigns on an ongoing basis.

You keep 100% of the profits made from your sales.

There is also an option to run campaigns for your own business clients and run your Deal Zapper programme at an Agency level.

A client recently asked me how I would use this deal creation software and below is a part of my reply.

Running offers is the best way to get potential customers as you tend to get your ‘foot in the door’ and that often leads to bigger or repeat sales.

I would use the deals pages as landing pages to send people to from my Social Media posts and paid-Ads.
They can be used as lead magnets to get sign ups to email lists, for example so, offer them something free or paid but they land on a sign up page after the transaction.

Also, instead of having a boring page with a list of offers, you could make several separate deals and make different posts on SM to send them to the appropriate page.

As they hold countdown timers or can be configured to only sale so many before the offer closes, this would give the offer more urgency and get more clicks.

The Social Media Share buttons would help get the message out to more people, of course, though recommendations.
The video that can go with the page will also ‘sell’ the offer for you.

Another feature is that, when one offer runs out, it immediately changes to your next offer. This way, the landing page is always active. A good way of using this page as a special offer page is to run an offer for say 24hrs and have it change to the next offer and so on. When a person re-visits the page, they’ll always see a fresh deal.

It can be used as a bookings landing page with an offer if they book ‘within the next x amount of hours, which will increase the urgency.

The system can be linked directly to your Paypal account, of course so payment can be taken instantly.

If you want to run a deal from that page AND on a website, simply copy the embed code and paste it into your page and you instantly have a new page. This dynamically updates if you update the deal from your dashboard so, no need to go around to all your pages to update them, this is done on auto-pilot when you save your work inside the Deal Zapper.

Once you’ve built an offer, you can clone it and just change the deal type and publish the new deal, saving you building your pages from scratch each time.

How about offering your sponsors their own deal page and charge them a monthly fee for it? A nice side line income, I reckon.

But, even if you just use the deal pages for your own use, with a little business-minded thinking, they can earn you income directly.

These accounts are on sale for £197.00 p/m but, during launch, just £97.00 p/m which is locked-in for as long as you remain a subscriber.

Value Features:

You sign into Deal Zapper With Cloud Access, And Have ...

Unbranded custom short URL
Run 20 simultaneous campaigns
Built-in image library
Youzign integration
“Embed anywhere” technology
3-step Deal creation and automation system
Deal-chaining functions
Automated countdown timers
Unit based sales
Visual deal editor
Developer Rights for Client campaigns*
Support from Marketing Bugle
*Attracts extra fee when used for your own clients but 100% of sales profits are yours to keep.

Be like Groupon, DealFuel and AppSumo and create your own deals for you and/or your own clients.
(Max 20 campaigns running at once)

Sample of Deal Zapper page
Sample of Deal Zapper in action
Deal Zapper Digital Bugle page