How To Get Leads Every Day

There IS a strategy  to getting new leads every day. This is what we do at Marketing Bugle, for any business niche. Book complimentary consult today, here.

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Discover Zoom Video Conferencing [without the learning curve]

Marketing Bugle Video Course - Zoom Video Conferencing To reserve your copy, please contact Martyn Brown here Our NEW video course has been created and is ready for you to discover how to get the most out of Zoom video conferencing and webinars online. Learn what Zoom is and how it can help you grow your business. Get started with the platform…

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Digital Bugle [issue 54] Ready to Download

By joining (for free) the Marketing Bugle updates email, you will recieve a copy of Digital Bugle magazine every issue at no charge (usually £120.00 per year) simply enter your name and email into the form and start receiving useful marketing tips PLUS the downloadable PDF of Digital Bugle magazine.  See the sample article and…

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Offer Your Readers This – Build Your email List

Benefits of using article to PDF plugin

Benefits of using article to PDF plugin Offer your readers this option and they’ll join your email updates, too. Have you ever reached a webpage with what looks like a really good article but you simply haven’t got time to read it then and there? How about clicking a button in order to have a…

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TXT Videos Making The Difference

Originally, it was just for fun, something different to post but, wow, what a huge difference it made to the number of people reached, viewed, Liked and commented on, amazing to say the least. I’m talking about the TXT posts, those short videos that look like you’re reading from a mobile phone and looking in…

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5 Foolproof Ways To Get Visitors BACK To Your Website

5 Foolproof Ways podcast from Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle

Attracting a visitor to your website once is good.  It means that your marketing is strong enough, or your Google rank is high enough, that you stood out from the competition and snagged some traffic. So what? If you know anything at all about marketing, you know that it’s rare for a first-time visitor to…

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Incredible Facebook Ads Improvement – So USE It!

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences Those business owners who are using Facebook to gain more clients by using Facebook Pay Per Click Ads or similar, may be finding it very difficult to create a target audience that works well for them. Basically, they set up a target audience by selecting;  Male/Female or both.  An age Range. Interests. Behaviour.…

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Support for Radio Show

Marketing Bugle Academy TV ( supported a Rock ‘n’ Roll radio show from Vinyl Impressions.  Here it is to listen now and is also available throughout the UK’s hospital radio network.

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