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Exciting Service From Marketing Bugle

Make 1-Click 'Flash Briefings'

or audio/content snippets & promotions Alexa listeners can find in the app & engage with

Instant Business Podcasts

Run your regular Podcast via Marketing Bugle's Amazon Alexa service on auto-pilot

Get New Leads

Link your business updates to your website or Landing Page to gain new leads every day

Perfect For YOUR Business clients

Fully Cloud Based


Nothing to download or install

Supports Text and Audio Content


Transform regular text content to audio with the app, record/upload your own audio files

Amazon API Compliant


This app will never be shut down as it's fully approved by Amazon themselves

Ready to sidestep the competition and
reach millions of buyers right away?


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Schedule Up To 100 Days in Advance

You can schedule Flash Briefings, Podcast Briefings, and Custom Briefings 100 days in advance. Now you can relax and take vacations by scheduling your clients content far in advance freeing up tons of time.

Get Stunning Lead capture templates to complement your Flash briefings!

You’ll be able to create beautiful lead capture pages with this Platinum software. These are fully hosted on our server and can relate to the Flash Briefing you created. Use them to capture leads who listened to your audio updates and start making money from email marketing in addition to voice marketing.

Advanced Text-to-Speech Technology

Instead of the boring, standard Alexa voice reading back your Flash Briefings now you get the Bugle-Lexa Advanced Text-to-Speech tool to instantly convert your text briefings to custom voiceovers! Choose from all major languages and including different English accents to make your Flash Briefings much more engaging (and your subscribers happier).

Get DFY Alexa Skills

Want to get your Flash Briefings into Amazon Alexa in under a minute? Then pick from our DFY Flash Briefings and import into Amazon in just a click! Just choose your niche and the DFY Flash Briefing fills out all the information with optimized keywords to rank in the Alexa Flash Briefing Store #1.

Ever heard of Alexa Flash Briefings?

Flash briefings are short, informative pieces of recorded audio containing news, tips, advice, round ups or how to information on any topic.

Simply ask “Alexa, what’s the news?” or “Alexa, play my Flash Briefings” and your device will play your flash briefings while you’re waking up, having breakfast, taking a shower, or relaxing at home…

Yes, any business globally or locally can profit easily with Flash Briefings!

[click for sample Skill to see how it works]

without reading blogs, emails, social media or running Google searches!

What if you could create your own Flash Briefings and have new listeners (and your current audience) find them in the Alexa App?

Flash Briefings via Marketing Bugle's 'Bugle-Lexa

We have all, no doubt, heard about Amazon’s Alexa Echo and Alexa Echo Dot etc. whereby users can simply ask the device something and it brings them the answer in that ‘Alexa’ voice that sounds so kind and trustworthy.

Well, very soon YOU will be able to feature your business by using one of it’s most promising features that 100 million people have access to.

Amazon Skills.

Before now, to get your own App onto Amazon’s Alexa platform, you needed to know coding inside out and work on complex set up and configuration procedures and where only people like the BBC and large horse racing accountants knew how to work everything.

I say ‘Before now’ because, due to the very clever coding of the world’s top marketing engineers, it’s now possible for anyone in business to have their own App and where it can be made available to anyone, using just their voice.

It is ideal for local businesses, too.

All a business needs to do is promote their App, which Marketing Bugle can do for you using their software.  Subscribers install your App onto their Amazon Alexa devices and then, asking Alexa to ‘Play Martyn Brown’s Updates’, for example, and on comes my marketing tips, Podcast, news … anything I create, in fact.

No matter which type of business you are running, there’s a place in Amazon’s Alexa platform for you.  You can target anywhere in the world, even Local to your own area.

Exercise tips, latest odds, how-to’s’ money advice, health updates, keeping fit, recipe guide, how to make money online 😊, puzzles, jokes, your latest Podcast, audio extracted from your latest video, business tips in specialist markets, news bulletins … yes, ANYTHING!  Give out your website signup page link and build your email list to your heart’s content.

Imagine having your own account to add your content to and schedule it to go out hourly, daily or weekly to keep your audience satisfied while you automatically crate new business leads and clients.

Stand by for Bugle-Lexa 😊


Marketing agency
New trends in digital marketing How to improve your conversion rates PPC optimization tips New marketing ideas for the week ahead Quick case studies

Fitness website
• Suggested workouts for the week
• Tips on back friendly exercises
Round ups and reviews of the latest fitness equipment

Baby products ecommerce store
Tips for breastfeeding News on baby development and learning Round ups and reviews of the latest bibs, cribs and strollers

Creates several Flash Briefings for different regions in the U.S.
How to make the most of your landscape When to fertilize tulips in the midwest When to plant citrus in the south, and more.

Podcast owner
Share tips and snippets from your latest podcast
Offer evergreen advice to new listeners Promote upcoming shows and more!

If you have a product or service that people want, then Flash Briefings will put you in front of your dream audience, without any of the usual competition.

The best part?

In addition to educational tips you can inform your listeners about special promotions, affiliate products, daily-deals, and lead them to any webpage to build your list and make money.

Flash Briefings are the perfect untapped marketing tool for any biz model too!

What kind of content will your flash briefing deliver?
It’s easy… whatever your audience wants!

It could be...

Tips and tricks
Special offers
Prelaunch buzz
And so much more!

01 Contact


01 Contact

Decide on a niche for yourself. Or let your client know they can get their business onto Amazon to reach new customers and keep their current one’s up-to-date with promotions and news.
Alexa marketing works for any business including "brick and mortar" businesses, blogs, eCom shops, Podcasters, and more.

02 Create

Begin uploading content to Bugle-Lexa to make into a Flash Briefing to send to Amazon. These can be short, helpful tips in the form of text paragraphs, audio snippets and more.
The best part is, you don't need to create the content from scratch. Curate text or audio from previous blog posts, podcasts, and more using built-in content creation tools inside the app.

02 Create
03 Schedule and Publish


Schedule and Publish

Schedule briefings to send up to 100 days in the future so your Alexa channel users always have a fresh stream of daily content.
After you've sent us your content, we hit "Send" and Bugle-Lexa will send your Flash Briefings right to Amazon with no complicated coding required for new listeners to find.


04 Grow and Profit

Sit back and relax as thousands of new leads start joining your list and buying your products.
Charge a monthly fee to keep your client's Alexa channel updated each week with fresh briefings.

04 Grow and Profit

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UPDATE Oct 2019

We can now create a Landing Page for your potential clients to join your email list.

After giving their name and email address, they are redirected to your Amazon Skill promo page from where they can click a button to subscribe to your Amazon Echo Skill.

This works two-fold by increasing your email list size plus it gains you listeners to your Alexa Skill.

More features are being added as we get feedback from end-users.